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Toyota Camry 2.5 Prestige

Rent price: 5000 RUB/day, over 7 days was 4500 RUB./day.

PROMOTION! Rent a car for a month and get a 25% discount (with a one-time payment)!
Rent a car for three weeks - 20%.
Rent a car for two weeks - 15%.
Rent a car for one week - 10%.
Great savings for a single payment!!!

The Deposit amounts are as follows: for the residents of Kazan - 8000 RUB., for non-resident - 12000 RUB.

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Описание автомобиля:

Toyota Camry - reliable, powerful, spacious sedan business class!
Complete Prestige Safety, is: additional availability of led headlights, premium audio system, proprietary navigation system, aluminum discs increased to 17 (+1) inches diameter, turn signal repeaters, chrome door handles, heated rear seats and auto headlight light with automatic switching near/far.

Suitable for business meetings, celebrations!