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Skoda Rapid

Cost of rent: 2500 rubles per day, with a rent for 7 days - 2250 rubles per day

The Deposit amounts are as follows: for the residents of Kazan - 8000 rubles, for foreign - 12000 RUB

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Vehicle Description:

This car has a “liftback” hull, which is often miscalled “hatchback”. This is explained by the fact that it is difficult to determine the differences while not being a qualified specialist, since the first is, in fact, a particular case of the second. It’s just that the “liftback” has a small protrusion on doors, so in a closed position the door visually resembles a structure, close to a classic sedan. This is the main difference between these models.

The new Skoda model is, in fact, a member of an absolutely unique and new type of cars on Russian market, both in terms of its practicality and spaciousness, and in its cosmetic appearance. In the above-mentioned car, the designers succeeded in organically combining the latest technologies, economy and highest operational safety. Like a synergy of the best “city” car, Skoda Rapid will become a great choice for every citizen.

The specified car can be rented for a period of one day for only 2000 rubles. It is required to deposit a cash deposit first - 16 thousand rubles.

The engine capacity of 1.6 liters can provide 105 hp. Gearbox is automatic. There are five boarding places. The year of production is 2016.